Advertising agency services for Newcastle businesses

What is advertising?

Advertising is getting your message across to the customer with visual and/or audio communication.

It focuses upon informing and persuading, and reinforcing a positive image of your business. The objective is to influence a future purchase decision.

What is advertising? Advertising is getting your message across to the customer with visual or audio communication.

Types of advertising

The definition of advertising doesn’t just include ‘paid for’ visibility, it also includes ‘earned’ exposure; using channels (shop window, Twitter feed etc.) to convey your message so that others will share it for you.

The options for advertising your company are almost limitless. Here are the core types of advertising:

Digital and Online Advertising

Digital content

  • Having a website or blog; an ‘online home’ for people to find out more about the things you do
  • Creating and enhancing webpages to appear in search results for specific keywords
  • Branded content: webinars, ebooks, YouTube videos, white papers
  • Branded apps

Social Media advertising

  • Content on your profiles including photos, infographics, videos, links to articles, and content by others that you share to interest your audience
  • Paid ad campaigns to achieve specific goals

Search advertising

  • Google and Bing promoted search results
  • Google Display Network (text, graphic, and animated ads on popular websites, smart phone apps, videos, blogs etc.)
  • Remarketing (presenting an ad to someone who has been on your website, and you wish to invite them back)

Banner advertising

  • On specific topical/industry websites (including HTML5 Animated Ads)

Online shopping presence

  • Gumtree, Ebay, Amazon, Etsy
  • Google Shopping search results
  • Product and price comparison/review websites
  • Online directories

Email Newsletters and EDM (Electronic Direct Mail)

  • Including automated follow-ups

Physical and Print Advertising

In person

  • Door-to-door sales
  • Telemarketing
  • Events
  • Trade shows
  • Speaking engagements

Point of sale materials

  • Display stands, flags, A-frames, posters etc.


  • Product samples
  • Merchandise (pens, stubbie coolers, USBs, stickers, caps…)


Traditional Media and Mass Marketing

  • Television commercials
  • Radio adverts
  • Press advertising
  • Media buying (negotiating placement and price for advantageous time slots)
  • Public Relations (creating a favourable public image with product placements, press coverage, sponsorships, newsworthy advertorials, etc)

Out of Home Advertising

  • Billboards and mobile billboards
  • Inflatables
  • Aerial advertising


  • Bus shelters
  • Airports
  • Highways
  • Buses, trains, taxis
  • Petrol pumps

Effective advertising

We believe that advertising should be measurable. So if you can’t work out whether it is helping, don’t do it!

To create successful ads (and to know what ‘success’ looks like) advertising campaigns need an objective. For example:

  • Explain the core benefit of your product or service (USP)
  • Introduce a new benefit or feature
  • Encourage a trial or visit
  • Adjust perceptions
  • Extend your reach within existing customer companies

Advertising needs to be repeated for success. Messages aren’t retained until we have heard them several times. Repetition, then a break, then more repetition has been shown to deliver the most effective results. This approach can be built into your ad campaign schedule.

Advertising needs to be repeated for success. That's right! Adverts work best when they're repeated.

Arrow’s advertising agency services

Here at Arrow, we deliver planning, copywriting, photography, graphic design, and project management of many advertising subject areas. That said, there are some where we totally kick ass! Get in touch if you’d like to step up your game, and get your message across more effectively, particularly in the following mediums:

Value proposition design – defining and testing your unique selling proposition (USP) so that your advertising messaging is clear and effective

Websites and SEO – planning, creating, and enhancing digital content to get the most traffic from search engines, and delight your visitors when they arrive

Social Media Marketing – content creation, posting, management, measurement, and advertising services – getting the best of earned and paid exposure for your brand with social

Google Search – writing ad copy, split testing results, leveraging AI and machine learning, delivering learnings and generating ROI for the business

Remarketing and display advertising – inviting your website visitors to come back soon, using popular websites and social media platforms

Banner advertising on industry websites using great graphic design, HTML5 animated ads, and solid campaign management

Email Newsletters and EDMs – we interview your subject matter experts, and plan, copywrite, design visuals, layout, distribute, measure, and optimise your emails

Events and Trade Shows – we’ve designed trade show stands and project managed entire events in every continent, for over 20 years

Magazines, brochures, product catalogues, posters, flyers – we manage the production of this collateral from end to end. Planning, copywriting, product photography and retouching, graphic design, and delivery in digital and print formats

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