Arrow’s website design is led by our strategy team in Newcastle, delivering websites that focus on the following principles.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)


Our approach to web design starts with SEO. Google works hard to deliver their users with the webpages they most want to see. For Google, it’s all about search results prioritising highly relevant websites for a customer query. If you want people to find your website, then you need to answer the customer’s question, give them a great experience when they arrive and give the search engines what they want as well.

We deliver websites that present the feel of your brand appropriately, they are search optimised and structured with the needs of your customer in mind.

When planning and designing websites, we are optimising:


  • Relevance
  • Clarity
  • Connectivity
  • Richness of content (mixed-media)
  • Currency of technology (e.g. responsive, mobile-friendly)
  • Speed of loading

User experience (UX / UI)


Most aspects of user experience design are satisfied by focusing on SEO. The rest of the story means ensuring that the site meets the audience’s expectations in terms of brand consistency, internet norms, signposting and process. These are all planned carefully in advance, with the audience and their outcomes in mind – a crucial part of the web design process.



The Arrow web design approach follows project management best practice, and this includes planning for the future.

We build all our sites on the WordPress platform, and seek to minimise the amount of custom coding required after deployment. We prefer to use plugins to support commonly required functionality, because it allows us to integrate the latest software in a cost-efficient manner. This standardised deployment approach means if a new developer has to work on your website, then they can simply login and get the job done, rather than educating themselves at your expense first. It also means that the latest approaches to web security, online shopping, social integration, and features we haven’t even dreamed of yet, can be bolted-on in an efficient manner.

As technology continues to progress, your website built by Arrow in Newcastle will be ready to go there with you.

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