SEO Content Creation Services from your Newcastle SEO CompanySEO Content Creation Services from your Newcastle SEO Company

Content is king! Once the SEO basics are under control, your SEO services need to focus upon answering the questions your customers are asking online – and doing so better than anybody else.

If Google believes that visitors to your website are really getting what they need after they arrive on your site, then you will get more traffic.

SEO company in Newcastle providing SEO content creation services including SEO copywriting and optimised graphics, images, and video.

Our SEO services relating to content creation are totally focused on the user. We’ll make your answer the best answer. You’ll be easy to understand. You’ll look great whatever device visitors are using. You’ll have the most relevant images. We’ll link together related subjects. We’ll help your visitors easily progress through your sales process.

How does the process work?

We will agree the scope of work with you, based on your SEO priorities and the most important web pages for your business. We will then create great digital content for the agreed pages; content that really kicks goals! This isn’t just SEO copywriting but also creation of any relevant diagrams, images, animations or even short video.

In this content improvement process, we first consider the target market, and the customer profile of the person you hope will receive your message. After that we research the topic, often supported by interviews with subject matter experts within your organisation. We can then document your value proposition in a way that talks directly to the needs of your target customer which Google will reward you for with higher rankings.

From a user experience standpoint, we value simplicity, clarity, and a professional finish. We also value proof! It often makes sense to split-test different versions of text ads, display adverts, remarketing campaigns, and webpages, to measure which variant is the most successful at delivering results. We then know that this is the content people want to see.

What do you get?

  • Customer profiling and value-proposition design
  • Competitor research
  • Development of your unified keyword list
  • SEO copywriting, proofreading and editing services
  • Graphic design, including illustration, diagrams, infographics, and animations
  • Product photography and retouching
  • Layout design of written content
  • Split-testing, and other SEO-focused continuous improvement activities
  • Keyword-optimised text, titles, URLs, meta descriptions, internal links, and images
  • Excellent, impactful, webpages, blog posts, white papers, social media posts… that deliver proven outcomes to your online results

How much does it cost?

  • $1,000 + GST. This is an indicative budget to develop a new SEO-optimised webpage, blog post or case study including research, copywriting, graphic design, and posting to your website
  • We would agree the scope of work and the fee with you in advance

Our SEO Packages


What it’s for

  • Find out what’s wrong and how to get better

What you get

  • SEO Health Check Report
  • Actionable insights and recommendations
  • Debrief meeting


  • $200


What it’s for

  • We keep tinkering under the bonnet for better rankings every month

What you get

  • Ongoing SEO Health Check Reporting
  • Rolling program of monthly fixes
  • Monthly reporting and quarterly progress meeting


  • $500 per month


What it’s for

  • Sneak ahead of your competition with cutting edge content

What you get

  • SEO-optimised text, graphics, images, and video
  • Can be part of an ongoing improvement program


  • $1,000*


*Guide price. Fee depends on scope of work required.

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