SEO Monitoring & Quick Fix Services from your Newcastle SEO ManagerSEO Monitoring & Quick Fix Services from your Newcastle SEO Manager

If you don’t have the time (or inclination!) to improve your SEO performance, why not outsource it to an SEO Manager?

We’ll monitor your search engine rankings and website traffic, and carry out a rolling program of changes to deliver sustained improvements to your online results.

Newcastle SEO services including SEO Monitoring, local SEO configuration and SEO quick fix services.

Commission us for a few months and you’ll see that website traffic from keywords related to your core product offerings will increase. Your most important webpages will make their way from whatever page they currently reside on, to Google Page 1. This is because we make a plan and then systematically work on all the SEO fundamentals, so your pages rank better for the terms that matter.

How does the process work?

Our SEO Monitoring and Quick Fix Services are based around using a range of industry-leading SEO software packages to get an objective view of your online performance over time. We benchmark your website against those companies that you compete with in the search engine results. We also develop and track a unified keyword list for your company, and then monitor how each keyword ranks in terms of local SEO, as well as nationally and globally if you sell further afield. Technical and on-page website issues are resolved, starting with subjects likely to have the greatest positive impact.

The visual above includes data from a real Arrow SEO Newcastle-based client. It shows that over a 6-month period they went from having 22 to 60 keywords ranking on Google page 1. At the time of writing this webpage; 31 of their keywords now hold the #1 spot on Google, and the priority has shifted towards securing more ‘featured snippets’.

What do you get?

  • Performance monitoring from the top SEO tools, including all licence fees
  • Plan of priorities and actions
  • Technical website SEO improvements
  • On-page optimisation of text, links, and images
  • Investigation and resolution of new issues and site crawl issues
  • Pursuing new inbound links for your website
  • A monthly SEO report with targeted insights to drive continuous improvement
  • A quarterly business review, to ensure that our SEO services have a laser focus on business outcomes and your current SEO business priorities

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How much does it cost?

  • $500 + GST

Our SEO Packages


What it’s for

  • Find out what’s wrong and how to get better

What you get

  • SEO Health Check Report
  • Actionable insights and recommendations
  • Debrief meeting


  • $200


What it’s for

  • We keep tinkering under the bonnet for better rankings every month

What you get

  • Ongoing SEO Health Check Reporting
  • Rolling program of monthly fixes
  • Monthly reporting and quarterly progress meeting


  • $500 per month


What it’s for

  • Sneak ahead of your competition with cutting edge content

What you get

  • SEO-optimised text, graphics, images, and video
  • Can be part of an ongoing improvement program


  • $1,000*


*Guide price. Fee depends on scope of work required.

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