SEM: SEO, PPC and RemarketingSEM: SEO, PPC and Remarketing

These terms refer to a powerful yet under-used set of digital communications tools. They represent the ability to carry out rapid, data-driven improvements to your online results.

We use process improvement methodologies to optimise your search engine rankings, digital advertising effectiveness, and conversion rates by establishing baselines, comparing different versions of web pages or content, testing their relative success with your target audience and implementing the best version.

While these services are perceived to be highly technical, unexciting and the domain of a special kind of geek; ignore them at your peril, because this is where the ROI lies. Through our continuous improvement approach to SEO, Pay Per Click advertising and Conversion Rate Optimisation, Arrow can drive up your website visitor numbers and the ratio of visitors that turn into customers.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to all activities which improve the visibility of a company in and around search engine listings, and therefore increase the number of website visitors. This includes listing your site with all appropriate local search directories, Google maps and Google+ to help Google’s algorithm know that yours is a real and trustworthy business in the Newcastle area.

SEM includes paid advertising online such as Pay-per-click (PPC) and remarketing where our focus is ROI and advertising effectiveness. Relevant website landing pages will convert more visitors into customers, and from Google’s perspective, increase your ‘Quality Score’ (delivering you more traffic, and charging you less for it via AdWords as well). Often the results of campaign split-testing will provide useful information for other marketing materials; the wording which performs best on PPC adverts, is also likely to draw the greatest attention on a flyer.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the area of SEM which covers all aspects of adjusting your website to help Google and Bing find and correctly assess your content. We’ll test and optimise aspects like:

  • Keyword and competitive research – defining the highest priority keywords for your business considering search volume, relevance, and how difficult it will be to rank on page 1 for those terms.
  • Leveraging your target keywords when building website content, social media posts and blog articles.
  • Improving site usability and readability to increase conversions as well as search engine rankings.
  • Modifying site structure and adding pages with specific goals.

Our SEO Packages


What it’s for

  • Find out what’s wrong and how to get better

What you get

  • SEO Health Check Report
  • Actionable insights and recommendations
  • Debrief meeting


  • $200


What it’s for

  • We keep tinkering under the bonnet for better rankings every month

What you get

  • Ongoing SEO Health Check Reporting
  • Rolling program of monthly fixes
  • Monthly reporting and quarterly progress meeting


  • $500 per month


What it’s for

  • Sneak ahead of your competition with cutting edge content

What you get

  • SEO-optimised text, graphics, images, and video
  • Can be part of an ongoing improvement program


  • $1,000*


*Guide price. Fee depends on scope of work required.

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