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We are very clear about the difference between art and design.

Our approach to graphic design is pragmatic rather than emotional. We evaluate concepts and layouts based on core principles which have been proven to deliver. Design by Arrow is creative, but it’s also methodically produced to inspire and motivate the target audience to act. Every piece of graphic design work starts with clear goals, and is developed in relation to these so that subjective opinions on aesthetics don’t get in the way.

High quality design by Arrow means ensuring the following values; whether we’re creating brochures, websites, social content, sales flyers, infographics, brand identities or adverts:


To build a brand and instil the brand values in people’s minds, you need to maintain consistency across every brand touchpoint, including all graphics.


Your agreed messaging needs to be clear to the audience you’re aiming at; without thinking hard, they should know what you’re saying, what it means for them and what you’d like them to do next. Clarity in design communications comes from strong graphic design layout principles, clear hierarchy, brevity, simplicity and audience appropriateness.


One item of communication can only achieve so much. To create an impact, it should be clear who the web page/display ad/poster/other is aimed at, where they are at in the customer journey, and what information they need in order to take the next step. Every item should deliver the priority message without distraction. Once the focus is agreed, then creativity, communication and design skills can be put into action to create the perfect solution. Impactful design creates the right emotional connection with the right people to generate the outcome which you desire and they value as well.


This, the most subjective element of creative delivery, can be managed by focusing on the audience and their perceptions. Graphic design works through established norms that we interpret as clues about a product, service or brand. By understanding the audience; the design will incorporate relevant cues (colour, typeface, layout, imagery) which will be understood to portray the feel of your brand appropriately.

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Example of our Newcastle graphic design services for customer Rotacaster. This is the front and back cover of a flyer we developed.