SEO Health Check Services from your Newcastle SEO ConsultantSEO Health Check Services from your Newcastle SEO Consultant

Do you want to understand how well (or poorly) your website and social media is set up to appear in search engine results?

We’ll give you an easy-to-understand report, and a roadmap of simple activities that will help drive more traffic and more customers towards your business.

Your Newcastle SEO consultant uses the latest SEO tools to produce your SEO report and targeted recommendations.

Our SEO Health Check Service is a one-time review and reporting process that covers all the SEO basics. We use the latest SEO tools to check:

  • Where your traffic is coming from
  • What your visitors are searching for
  • Which search terms your website is ranking for
  • What website issues you can address to improve your search visibility
  • Which subjects you should focus on to outperform your competitors

How does the process work?

Your SEO consultant in Newcastle will have brief discussion with you to clarify the types of customers you need to easily find your business and who you believe your most significant competitors are.

We then configure several of the top SEO tools to review and monitor various aspects of your online performance, and we do likewise for the companies that you compete against.

After a couple of weeks, the software tools we use will have gathered enough data for us to perform an overall analysis of your online situation. Allowing the specialist SEO tools to gather a couple of weeks’ worth of data before we report back to you allows us to provide more accurate results, and also get a sense of any trends that represent opportunities for you to improve.

What do you get?

SEO report, directly from an industry leading SEO tool detailing

  • What proportion of relevant Google searches are presented with your website
  • Your current rankings for the keywords most relevant to your business
  • Which of your keywords are trending up or down in terms of Google rankings
  • How many issues were identified on your website and their relative priority

Recommendations document outlining

  • How to improve the visibility you get from social media marketing (specific to the platforms you use, or should use)
  • Which issues on your website can easily be resolved to boost your online performance
  • Which of your webpages would drive more traffic if the content was enhanced or presented differently
  • What search terms are delivering traffic to your competitors, but not to you
  • A list of websites that you can focus on to provide you with inbound links, and referral traffic
  • An overview of the organic, direct, and referral traffic trends for your website, so that you have baseline data upon which to improve

Debrief meeting

  • You won’t just get a report recommending technical changes that require further investment from you, your SEO consultant will explain the report to you and give you a clear understanding of which of the recommendations are most worth your time to pursue.
  • We’re based in Newcastle so we can speak on the phone, or sit down with you for a face to face discussion
  • After that, you can choose to make the changes yourself or outsource to a digital marketing agency (like Arrow!)

How much does it cost?

  • $200 + GST

How long does it take?

  • 3 weeks

Our SEO Packages


What it’s for

  • Find out what’s wrong and how to get better

What you get

  • SEO Health Check Report
  • Actionable insights and recommendations
  • Debrief meeting


  • $200


What it’s for

  • We keep tinkering under the bonnet for better rankings every month

What you get

  • Ongoing SEO Health Check Reporting
  • Rolling program of monthly fixes
  • Monthly reporting and quarterly progress meeting


  • $500 per month


What it’s for

  • Sneak ahead of your competition with cutting edge content

What you get

  • SEO-optimised text, graphics, images, and video
  • Can be part of an ongoing improvement program


  • $1,000*


*Guide price. Fee depends on scope of work required.

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