Social Media Marketing in NewcastleSocial Media Marketing in Newcastle

Social media marketing is essential for communicating your brand and sales messages now that traditional media (TV, newspapers etc.) are declining. Social media marketing also provides excellent opportunities for targeting, and great visibility on your success.

At Arrow, our approach to social media marketing is to integrate it into your overall marketing strategy, making it efficient, effective, coordinated and measurable. You’ll know what’s working, and how the spend is influencing your sales.

The social media marketing services provided by Arrow in Newcastle include:

Social media planning

We’ll plan and integrate your social messaging and content in line with your other marketing activities, which will save time and massively improve response rates compared with ad hoc posting. We use a ‘big rocks and small rocks’ methodology to plan content in line with key campaigns, making the most of each piece of content across multiple channels. From the viewers’ point of view, this gives a regular cadence to activity, and also provides a balance of content types. You’ll be able to see cross-promotion with your other sales and marketing activities, and consistently improving engagement from your social media marketing.

Social media content creation

We have copywriters, photographers and designers who can efficiently create your social media content in line with your marketing calendar. Our original, branded graphics and short videos are far more effective than stock images in social media feeds, social media advertising and social media SEO.

We’ll create different versions of the content for re-use, tailored to suit various social media platforms so that all the elements support each other. We also create website, blog and newsletter content for Email, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google + and Twitter distribution. This cross-platform interlock maximises impact and reach.

Social media advertising

Digital advertising and social media advertising are powerful yet under-used communications tools. Social media advertising can be a highly effective and evidenced-based component of your digital marketing strategy. You can target your niche exactly, with demographics, roles, industries, interests; and you can even segment an audience because they are similar to people on a specific list.

Just as you would with a traditional advertising agency, we agree your campaign objectives and build the advertising campaigns to suit. We then manage the campaigns, monitoring success, and adjusting the parameters daily to optimise messaging and minimise your CPC (cost per click). With social media advertising, we can A/B split test versions of your adverts and monitor audience interaction, zeroing-in on the most effective variant. We ensure that you get the best impact from your advertising dollar; and absolute clarity on what you are paying per interaction, and what you are paying for each product or service purchased.

Social media reporting and coaching

Our marketing reports provide statistical updates on levels of reach and interaction across your marketing channels. We analyse the results, providing you with useful insight into the messages, products/services, types of content, wording and imagery which your audience engages with the most.

With social media advertising, we’ll also be able to report on your advertising spend and how this results in action (purchases, click-throughs etc.), giving you a metric of its success. With campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn etc. we will also include insights into the different social groups who’ve seen your advertising, along with their preferences and behaviours.
Not only does this give you peace of mind that your marketing budget is being well spent, these social media marketing insights can inform other elements of your marketing such as brochure wording, website content, pricing, email targeting and more.

If you’d prefer to create your own social media content but want some help with the planning, we can build your social media marketing plan in line with your marketing strategy, and then brief your team on how to implement it. We’ll provide them with best practice advice on how to use their time efficiently to create content with impact, and how to distribute it across social channels.

At Arrow, we believe that these are the ingredients for effective social media marketing in Newcastle:

  • Has clear objectives
  • Aligns with the business plan
  • Includes calls-to-action that progress viewers along their customer journey
  • Is part of an integrated, multi-channel marketing calendar
  • Is measured and adjusted according to the plan
  • Includes experimentation and split-testing, before investing in the highest-performing content
  • Favours bespoke visual, and especially video content
  • Invites new audiences with highly-targeted paid campaigns
  • Is clear about who the audience is, and delivers the above how they want it

Want to know which platforms are the best for B2B social media marketing? Or how B2B marketing with social media can be done really effectively? Both of these articles are waiting for you in our blog, and both include free downloads to make your job easier.

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